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Good and

calming stretch

The therapists were professional and made you feel very comfortable. Stretch felt good and calming. Recommend to give it a go.
- Brenda Yap -

Stretch deep


This stretching is different. It is the passive stretch so you just have to lay down and wait for the therapist to move you around and stretch your muscles. What I love about it is even though I did a lot of stretching of my own, most of the deep stretch here I can't achieve on my own. You will feel slightly sore for your muscles that is actually tight, and relieve afterwards. You will never stretch enough!
- Joelle Pui Yee Lim -

Great technique

and technology

Today experience special of technology 😀 Due to a long time to bow down and press the phone, the wrong posture of driving caused muscles to be tight, and after 90 minutes of experience with of, it did unclog full body jin mai, feeling easy and easy, what a great of technique. Go back and continue the tendon treatment. Thanks soothing the body tight problem ^_^
- Angel Chan -

Feel good after


Indeed it does really feel good after this passive stretching. Suited to name So Stretch, we'll feel all the muscles are soooooo stretched performed by professionals Physiotherapist.
- Nurul Jurianiwati Raslin -

Relax after


Feel really relax after the therapy.
- CW Wong -


service, friendly


Wonderful service and friendly staff! Will recommend to friends and definitely will come again! Thank you 😀
- airagees92 uddy -
MONT KIARA (03 6206 1666)


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